Have you always seen yourself as an author or speaker? You KNOW you have hundreds of stories that people should hear and read but you don't know how or where to start.

Do you journal and create affirmations about book deals and speaking opportunities but don't know how to make it happen in real life?

Does the idea of getting up on stage or even sharing your personal stories make you want to take a nap? 


You're totally in the right place! 

As leaders, our mission in life is to make the world a better place. We get that stories matter. 

As a member of The Ultimate Soulful Storyteller, you will learn how to pull out the most powerful pieces of your story and showcase the SOUL of your story.

The Ultimate Soulful Storyteller is a monthly membership site for storytellers. The tools you gain here will teach you how to soulfully express yourself. 

We are attracted to one another through our stories. And we are called to each other by the SOUL of our stories. 

This is for leaders looking for tools, guidance, industry insights and breakthroughs so you can:  

  • Get published in magazines or blogs;
  • Craft the perfect speech and share on stage; 
  • Learn how to pitch editor;  
  • Move through the fear of having our stories out there! 


What is a Soul Story? 

  • Some Soul Stories involve great big lessons, turning points and aha moments. 
  • Other Soul Stories are a moment in time that give us an opportunity reflect, take pause, and choose something different.  

What Does it Feel Like to Call Yourself a Soulful Storyteller?

  • Empowering 
  • Connected
  • Gratifying
  • Natural
  • Aligned
  • Purposeful
  • Amazing
  • Risky 
  • Scary 
  • Intimidating
  • Weird
  • Daunting
  • Uncomfortable
  • Fearful

As a Soulful Storyteller, you're going to feel all of the above at some point along the way. Your opportunity is to move through the daunting and fearful emotions so you can share your Soul Stories from an amazing, connected, heart-felt, soulful way. 

Sharing our Soul Stories gives us a chance to help others transform their lives while growing our audience and client base. New opportunities will show up on your path the more stories you share.  

Craving a little light, support, direction, nudging?  

I've got you covered!  

Who is Carrie Severson?

I'm a Soul Story Healer & Storyteller Trainer. I blended my writing and publishing expertise with my intuitive skills so I can support female entrepreneurs as they share the messages their souls are here to express in a bigger way.  

I love working with women who know the power of their stories and are already sharing their messages. They're looking for new avenues to share theiand r stories in and they are craving support and strategy for this new journey.  

I'm unapologetic about my expertise because of my 20 years in the publishing business, nearly 1,000 published pieces and more than 75 public speaking opportunities.  

I've built two strong businesses around MY story and believe our soul stories will always lead us in the right direction so that we can be the jewel in someone else's transformation.  

My storytelling experience is deeply rooted in newspapers and magazines. I'm a retired journalist turned personal essayist for large media outlets and public speaker. 

Thanks to my intuitive skills, I can feel and see what stories your soul is here to tell. And I'm unapologetic at supporting you through the transformation of sharing your stories and I built this membership site for you. 

  -->>> 13 storytelling e-courses to teach you how and where to share your stories;  

-->>> 25 different training videos & templates to uncover your SOUL STORIES;  

-->>> Resources to create Soul Stories with;  

-->>> 4,000 different publications, editors to pitch and get published by;  

-->>> A marketing plan to use to promote stories in a way that will help you grow your audience;  

-->>> Worbooks to help you breakthrough the fear of storytelling;  

-->>> Tools to support you as you change your Mindset Stories; and  

-->>> 52 different journaling prompts.  

The value of all these materials is more than $1,200.

What Clients Say About Being a Soulful Storyteller...

I never fully understood how a personal, painful story could actually start the wheels turning for my business, until now. Last night I shared my story with my girlfriends and told them that my story was accepted by an online magazine. In sharing with my friends...just as Carrie keeps telling us...an opportunity opened up. One of my friends told me of a local non-profit organization that has a workshop for anyone that helps others heal from past trauma. She also said they have opportunities to SPEAK there. I have always believed in manifesting and this is fastest it's ever happened! My next step is Soul Speech Camp with Carrie! Sara S.

Carrie's coaching and guidance helped me to take my personal story and experience and put it into a personal essay format. She helped me find an outlet to pitch, write my submission letter, and get my personal essay published on a Women's Empowerment site. Having my story written in an organized way has helped in crafting it to specific audiences as well. The one story has many different audiences. With her help, I learned how to tell it to all of them.

  Angie M.  

Working through Storytelling Your Way to Success program gave me not only the steps I needed to get published but it gave me confidence and inspiration. When I found Carrie's program it felt like such a leap to call myself a writer but I knew that sharing my story was what I needed to go to the next level. Carrie took the mystery out of the process and I was able to put the steps into action and create a piece to be published. I now know how much my story can create powerful momentum in connecting me to potential clients and opportunities. I am grateful for the way the program walked me through the process.

  Elisha H.

The Ultimate Soulful Storyteller Membership Site is Open For Enrollment! 

ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN! Foundation Level $67/Month Join today. Cancel at any time.  

Here are a few course you can expect to enjoy when you join!

Our soul stories are hidden within us. How deep those stories are hidden all depends on how connected we are to our own intuition. The Woo of Writing is a 10-Day Mastermind to help you wake up your spiritual senses, get reconnected to the voice deep within you, and design a path YOU know, like and trust within YOU. Give yourself permission to HEAR your intuition. It wants to tell your stories!

Storytelling Your Way to Success is a 3-week online, creative writing course designed to help inspired leaders start getting personal stories published. Storytelling is a CONNECTION and CHANGE agent! Many inspired leaders WANT to write, WANT to get published AND don't know where to start! Storytelling Your Way to Success is a great place for you learn how to start your storytelling journey.

You'll dive into your own doubt and fear around your storytelling career in this 4-part e-course.

You'll find the blocks that keep you from writing & publishing your stories.  

You will create new patterns and loving, supportive habits for yourself so that you move throughout your year ready, willing and able to write and share your personal stories with the world.  

This download is meant to help you address your fears, move through the WHAT IF'S & create some baby steps for you to take so your story can be seen and heard. 

It's a great refesher and high-level workbook to do after you've gone through Ditch the Writer's Doubt and feel that fear again.  

This journaling & self-development experience will help you address your blind spots, deep dive into your subconscious and connect to your higher-self.  

You have 52 journaling prompts! You have SO many videos to explore too! I share my personal experiences with you along the way!  

The stories we tell ourselves are the most important ones we have. Use the next 52 weeks to dig up the roots of your own stories and patterns.  

If you're ready to ditch old patterns that keep showing up in your life & start &o create brand new stories, start Journal to Happy today.  

Pitching & Publishing is self-paced, to the point and packed with resources to help you know where to pitch, how to form relationships with editors and how to use your published piece to increase your visibility. Within this Resource Kit you will: Learn how to pitch the media; Receive tips to forming good relationships with editors; Gain information to more than 4,000 different media outlets with submission guidelines and/or contact information. Learn how to repurpose your work! Be given a marketing checklist to help you gain the most visibility for your published work.

By enrolling and submitting payment to The Ultimate Soulful Storyteller Kit, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.