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Becky Norwood

Listen to her interview below. 

The Power of Storytelling

Crystal Blue 

Listen to her interview below.

The Women’s Anthology Project

Tyler Wagner

Listen to his interview below.

How to Become a Successful Author

Charlotte Howard

Listen to her interveiw below. 

Heart-Centered Woman Publishing

Ashley Ware

Connecting With Libraries  

N. Amma Twum-Baah

Listen to her interview below.

The Importance of Finding The Right Editor

Dr. Laura Bush

First Time Authors Reveal the Benefits of Writing Their Book

Donna Gunter

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Turbocharge your local business with a published book

Mary Knippel, Your Writing Mentor

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Your Story Matters. 

Penny Sansevieri

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How to Sell Books by the Truckload

Cathryn Mora

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Writing Your Life Story

Meredith Hancock

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Design to Make a Difference

Ruth Carter

Listen to her interview below.

Understanding Your Author Rights

 Sabrina Cladwell

How To Approach a Book Store

Paula Diaco

Listen to the interview below.

Find Your Story at the Writing Retreat

Meet Carrie Severson, Creator of The Book Publishing Show and CEO of The Unapologetic Voice House

Carrie Severson is the creator of this show and the CEO of the independent publishing house, The Unapologetic Voice House. She believes in the power of stories. She's been in the storytelling arena for two decades and is a published author, retired journalist, public speaker and marketing maven. 

She's on a mission to support 100 entreprenuers who have a desire to make an impact in the world with their voice in 2019. 

Clients come to her when they know they have a story, message, or lesson to share and want guidance on that journey. She's helped hundreds of leaders share their story over the years and she wants to help 100 more in 2019! That is why she created The Book Publishing Show! 

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