Pitching & Publishing is a Resource Kit for Storytellers!  

In this course, you will:

Learn how to pitch the media. 

Get a marketing checklist to help you gain the most visibility for your published work. 

Receive tips to forming good relationships with editors.

Learn how to repurpose your work! 

Gain information to more than 4,000 different media outlets with submission guidelines and/or contact information.

Lesson One: Where's Your Audience? There are hundreds of ways to get personal stories published these days. Finding the right platform takes time and energy. I've done a lot of that work already for you! Let's dig in and find the right outlets for you!  

Lesson Two: Pitching & Forming Relationships With Editors You have your perfect story ready to go! Now you just have to get it published. Learn how to write a great pitch to the right editor to reach the right audience! Editors receive hundreds of query letters on a regular basis. Learn how to stand out in the crowd!  

Lesson Three: Marketing Your Stories You're published! Congrats! Learn how to gain the most out of your published story to benefit your brand.  

Lesson Four: Momentum Gain tips and tricks to gain EVEN MORE out of your story after it's published! 

Meet Carrie Severson 

I've been in the publishing business for 20 years. I have three books on the market and have been published nearly 1,000 times with articles and essays I've written over the years.  

Even though the publishing industry has changed over the years, soulful stories are still needed in the world. Trust me when I tell you that our stories are the piece that connect us together and you are the only one who can tell your story. So tell it. It matters. You and your story could help our society come together better. 

This Pitching & Publishing Resoure Kit will guide you on the way.