What You Write in the Pages of Your Journal Will Manifest.  

You receive 52 journaling prompts to help you change your mindset, clear up old belief patterns that hold you back and free you from your past. 

You have SO many videos to explore too! I share my personal experiences with you along the way! 

The stories we tell ourselves are the most important ones we have. Use Journal to Happy to dig up the roots of your own stories and patterns.  

If you're ready to ditch old patterns that keep showing up in your life & start to create brand new stories, enroll in Journal to Happy today.  

Research shows that journaling improves our mood. In this program, we're focused on more than just your mood. We're changing how old stories keep impacting your current life.  

I am a soulful storyteller. I believe so strongly in the power of story. It is our birthright to share our stories.  

Journaling helped me change my life so many times. I overcame burnout in my journey, depression, heartbreak and found my calling to be an entrepreneur in my journal. 

I’m gifted at helping inspiring women step into their soul stories and own their power. I am their bridge as they craft their stories for the world to see. I do that through my gifts of writing, editing, listening to my intuition and thanks to my 20-year-career in the magazine industry.