Inside You'll Learn:

The exact marketing plan I use every time I'm published! It's broken down by morning and afternoon. 

Offers to make your current client list that are related to your essay or book. Ideas to help you create new clients based on your published story. 

Ideas to help you get more writing opportunities. 

Ways to further your career based on your published piece. 

Meet Carrie Severson

As a writer & storyteller coach, I work with women around the world who are searching for their voices and want to express their stories. 

I've been in the publishing business for 20 years. I have three books on the market and have been published nearly 1,000 times with articles and essays I've written over the years.

In addition to helping women share stories, I support them as they promote their work. 

Stories help transform lives. 

Let your story transform the lives of your audience.