This 4-week writing & self-love course is designed to help you find, see & believe just how powerful your own stories really are.

Ditch the Writer's Doubt is an online workshop series that will help you move past the fear of sharing your own personal stories.  

The ultimate goal of this workshop series is to get you writing a story within the month and to believe that your story is truly welcomed out in the world. 

Storytelling can be scary. I get it. I've been writing stories and getting them published for 20 years!  As an intuitive, writer, speaker and storyteller trainer, I’ve developed a unique combination of teaching, storytelling and healing to help clients trust their words, stories and messages and get comfortable with their own writing.

Often times, as leaders, we put the wrong type of energy into our stories, preventing them from taking shape and coming to life.  

The stories we share act as the biggest Law of Attraction tool we have. What we put out into the world HAS to have a reaction.

What stories are you ready to put out into the world?

Let's use 2017 as YOUR YEAR of powerful storytelling!

Happy Storytelling! 

Carrie Severson